Sunday, September 12, 2010

yum.. from smitten kitchen

Ok, so the honest truth? I haven't done any cooking in about a week; or anything interesting for that matter. I don't love the summer. I know this sounds weird, because everyone loves the sun and the summer and the summer activities, but I don't think I ever have LOVED it. Being hot is one of my least favorite things, and I try all the tricks to keep cool but even during the winter, I'll wear a t-shirt and shorts; I don't know what the deal is, but I'm always hot. I love fall, and winter, and spring; so my good mood in those three seasons makes up for the complaining mood of summer. Well, since it has been rather hot (I'm so spoiled I live in a city with the worlds most mild temperatures) I have kept my activities to a minimal. We (Martin and I) start school in about a week, so that's another reason why we have tried to keep our schedule open. So I have managed to stay out of the kitchen and the yard, but it's time to get back. Kind of sad, but we have to have a normal life now. The honeymoon is over. No more seeing each other for about 95 % of everyday and having most of the week to do as we please. It's time to get serious (with school at least) and unfortunately we're not at the same school this quarter. This fall is going to be a HUGE adjustment for me. Have I not given you the details to our current delightful schedule? Martin works 2 nights a week. On those nights, I bring him dinner on his break, and I get to stay in text contact with him most of the evening. And I could visit him if I wanted (which I used to do). He plays a show every Sunday night, which I go to most weeks (so we're not actually apart). And occasionally he has shows on Saturday somewhere in the Bay Area, and I almost always go with him (so again, we're not apart). I babysit for a living (a minimal living, but again we do not have to part). Up until last week we shared my car, so we run most errands and do just about everything together. Pretty awesome huh? And to think, we're giving that up for an education (wink wink). We've been dying to go to school actually. With budget cuts and registration cuts, we were not able to apply last fall or spring, and opted to not go summer, so we've been having the time of our lives. So wish us luck!
Enough of the personal stuff.. I wanted to tell you about all these yummy thoughts I have, and since I'm not posting about anything else, I've been sharing what I have found. Also, I've organized the blogs I look at into my favorites folder this week, and so I can actually keep up with some of them. This picture, of peach shortbread is from smitten kitchen, which I check out regularly, and I plan on making these.. like this week. Don't they look yummy?! And, my guess is they aren't that difficult to make, so I'm gonna give it a try. Anyways, I hope you have a had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you take a look at a few of the blogs I recommend. I don't cook often enough to have a stacked library of recipes, but, I can lead you in the direction of some people that do.

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