Saturday, September 18, 2010

oh how I love.. fall!

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I know that it's weird, but I don't LOVE Summer. But you know what I do love? Fall, and Winter! I love the weather, I love the clothes, I love the food, and the holidays, and the cozy nights in, not so much the school but I'm trying to love the idea of it. I went into Michael's yesterday, like I do often enough, especially on night's Martin works, and it just smelled like fall. They have their Halloween and autumn decorations and the smell of cinnamon and everything fall was everywhere and it made me smile.
School is going to make it a little tough to absolutely enjoy everything about the season, but I'll get over it. (Just this minute, I signed up for microbiology, yes, that's what I said, microbiology. What am I thinking right? I don't know. But I do know that I am going to give this nursing idea a major attempt, and this is my first push. So wish me luck.) Martin and I are excited and nervous (I'm more the nervous one) for this fall. There is so much going on and so many new things for us, good and exciting things, along with the hard and not so fun. We will be spending a lot of time a part, first time ever. We will have a lot of responsibility on our plate; with school costing money, it's not like something you just try and quit, at 1,700 a quarter, which I know isn't the worst, but you have to take it seriously. And for me, I am lucky I don't have to pay that much, but the possibility of not getting into nursing school because of a grade I get this quarter, I'm not taking my chances.
Ok, back to how much I LOVE Fall. The food during the fall is just soooo wonderful. I saw on a blog the other day, I don't remember where, but, homemade butternut squash ravioli. That made me want to drive to my favorite restaurant in San Francisco just so I could have some ravioli. And anything pumpkin, in my mind, is just to die for. One of my favorites, pumpkin cheesecake, my pumpkin cheesecake, so take a look. Soup! I almost forgot how much I love cold weather, so that I have an excuse to make large amounts of delicious soup! On my favorites list: lobster bisque, tomato bisque (really anything bisque), any chowder, especially clam, cream of anything, and butternut squash soup, oh and I could go on and on.
I hope you take some time to notice the changing weather and color around you. If you're in the bay area, where there isn't A LOT of color change, there is still enough to appreciate it. And if you're somewhere like Maine, where the color is just amazing, YOU better appreciate it! Start practicing some of your fall recipes now, then they'll be perfected when the weather is right. (I even started practicing Christmas songs on the piano recently :/ don't shoot me, I just love the season.)
with love,
kristin ann :)

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