Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love me some eggs :)

Yes, it's a fact, I love breakfast. And, I love to cook breakfast! It's by far the easiest meal to make, and therefore, the most satisfying. For me its even better than making a quick sandwich, because it's a hot meal, which I also love. So my thought for today is to encourage you to make breakfasts. If you get in the habit of it, and just have breakfast foods around, its a great thing. I know cold cereal is tempting, and trust me, I love cereal (I usually have cereal for dessert or a midnight snack) but you should consider your options in the morning, especially if you're feeding little ones. Eggs are a wonderful thing. They are full of protein, vitamin A (and several others), and although they have cholesterol, studies have shown that the dietary cholesterol in eggs does not effect your blood cholesterol the same that other saturated fats do. If you didn't know already, your brain is made of primarily fats, so foods like eggs, that have dietary cholesterol are considered brain foods. When your brain is developing, so in your very young years (especially before the age of 5) it is important to have certain fats in your diet. When I have been at my absolute healthiest eggs are usually a staple in my diet.
Ok, enough of that...

My breakfast for two (of course)

1 leftover sausage sliced at a diagonal (thank you mary)
4 eggs beaten
2 pieces of bread toasted
a slice of cheese diced (or shredded)
salt and pepper
green onions, chopped

Saute the sausage for just a minute, add the eggs, keep the heat on med/low. Make sure to keep the eggs moving around, I very much dislike overcooked or burnt scrambled eggs. Feel free to salt and pepper at any step. When the eggs are just about done, so they still have a little bit of moisture, add the cheese. Serve on top of toast, or to the side. Garnish with green onions or chives.

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  1. oh my gosh.. this is ridiculous. i took one look at your picture in my {blogroll} and literally started drooling. this baby in my tummy... i swear, has got me drooling over anything/everything that is breakfast oriented... however i find it neccessary to crave breakfast style foods all.day.long! thank you for adding to my uncontrolable cravings with these delicious pictures. i need, i want.. help! hope all is well for you my dear.