Friday, October 8, 2010

just a few fall dessert ideas...

I love fall, I know I've already told you. Everyday as the weather gets colder, I get happier. A lot of the food blogs and websites I look at are just filling up with fall recipes and ideas; so I thought I would share a few with you. Unfortunately, I'm on a cleansing diet this week. I meant to do one before school and fall began but kind of ran out of time. For me, I think it is very important to just clean out my system once in a while. No, they're not fun, but I usually feel so much better afterwards (I have a lot of random little health quirks). Sooo, as I am not allowed desserts for the next few days, I find ones to drool over. From my two favorite blogs, I found absolutely delicious looking and sounding apple cakes perfect for fall. Give them a try; let me know how they turn out.

Here we have an "Easy Apple Cake" from Bakerella. She's absolutely wonderful if you haven't looked at her blog before. Cake pops were kind of her invention and they're huge now. She was on martha stewart, and people are using cake pops and brownie pops and cheesecake and cake balls and they're just such a great idea. I have yet to try any, but I will soon. This apple cake will be my next endeavor. And it's easy!

From the kitchen of honey and jam; a carmel cake with apple filling. Yum right? This one doesn't look quite as easy. Since there are three parts; the cake, the filling, and the frosting; it make take a little more time, but I still think it's worth trying. I might try this at thanksgiving. Honey and Jam is another one of my favorite blogs. The photography is stunning and her recipes are also just as dreamy.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Mine will be full of homework and studying, but spent with my love, so still wonderful.

with love,
kristin ann

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  1. caramel cake with apple filling?! thanks for pointing me in the direction of deliciousness.