Saturday, August 28, 2010

music calms my soul..

Martin and I were shopping in Santa Cruz, heard a song being played in a store, asked the guy working there who it was, and he told us. Mumford and Sons. They're from London England, so they've got great accents, and they play "folk rock," which is kind of my new thing. Anyways, the song is called the cave. I have their cd in my car, and this one is my fav.

Also, The Swell Season, is one of our favorite bands, and I think you would love them. They won an oscar for a song they wrote and performed in the movie once, and it's amazing. I fell in love with that song and bought the piano sheet music and fall in love with it more and more everytime I play it. We went to their concert a few weeks ago, and they are inspiring. A guy and girl duo with a band. Guy is irish, girl is czech; so both have great accents, and they're wonderful. Here's a song they played at the show.

{I've been wanting to share the Swell Season with you for a while, I hope you enjoy. And of course I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.}

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  2. Mumford & Sons is by far my favorite new band of 2010. Marcus' voice gives me chills. The lyrics are so powerful and moving that I just can't get enough of them. Good choice :)

  3. thanks stephy.. they are amazing, we've been looking into getting sf tickets buy they have been sold out :(