Friday, August 6, 2010

So sad, but true..


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My mom has left for the weekend.. and she took her camera (our shared camera). We finally got home from all our shenanigans of vacations and I have so been in the mood to do some cooking and work on some of my food styling, but I am cameraless. I love that I have a camera to use, by the way. My mom is great to let me borrow it as often as I do. It works in my favor that she really doesn't use it very often, so thank you mom. But since I will be waiting on some recipe posts that I would love to do, I have a few others that have been on my mind. So I apologize if you only come here for the food!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous friday :)
with love,
Kristin Ann

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  1. At least I used it and took a bunch of pictures today. I will take some beach ones tomorrow. When I get home you can make more food and take pictures and then I will help you eat it.