Friday, August 6, 2010

About me.. well a little bit

In order for me to show you some of the things that I have been up to, or thinking about I have to explain a little bit about myself; get a little personal. Now I'm not going to tell you my bra size or anything like that (Mom don't be mad, it was just a joke), so consider yourself privileged, I don't open up often.
Since I was a little girl I have had a number of things I've been interested in, enough to pursue. Unfortunately a lot of them stuck, so I still have all these things that I wish I could accomplish, but you can only do so much. As far as my memory can go back, this is what I have been interested in (from early on to current)..
(keep in mind that with all these goals/dreams in mind I still wanted to find prince charming and have a family of 6 at somepoint... yes my number has since gone down)

-becoming a dancer or a gymnast
I grew too tall for a gymnast, and was to shy to dance
I was fortunate to get some good genes, this I know, but I'm not cindy crawford :) I subscribed to vogue magazine when I was 12 I think. I had a little obsession for pretty people.
-being a wedding coordinator
oddly enough this was one of the first things I wanted to do, I just loved weddings
-being a wedding cake designer
the whole wedding seemed like to much of a hassle so I started thinking about individual parts of weddings
-designing wedding dresses
notice the wedding trend..
-designing dresses/clothes
then I went through a bit of a fashion phase. having 4 older brothers left me with a girly/stylish void that needed to be filled around the teen years
-being an artist of some kind
I took an art class in high school and found out I was really good, it just came to me. My dad is a fabulous artist, so I guess that's where it comes from. I also took a photography class that I loved, so all areas of art interested me.
-being an art teacher
I realized I wasn't the best of the best, and that I didn't have a huge passion for creating art, but I loved it enough to teach it. This one stuck for a while, on and off it was the long term plan.
-becoming a pastry chef
I thought about going to cooking school for a short period of time. Even though I absolutely love cooking, I knew I would have plenty of opportunities to cook for a future family and current family, so I might not want it as a profession. I also really wanted to go to a 4 year and take a well rounded bunch of classes.
-going to school for nutrition
I had a lot of random health problems (still do) and so I have always enjoyed learning about health/nutrition; but I didn't really want to be a nutritionist.
-This one is a little harder to explain in a few words. Now I have always loved Martha Stewart, and Better Homes and Gardens, and anything like that. It has been a reoccurring dream of mine to work for or do something like that on my own. I love cooking and home and garden and all of that. It was a goal of mine to at least have a blog/website with recipes posted and I have gotten that far, we'll see if I can keep it up.
-The current plan/dream.. Nursing school
I have been going to college on and off for 7 years now and have finally got on track to finish. This plan has only been in action for a few months now, so on paper, I don't have much accomplished, but as for planning out and preparation I think I'm doing great. Just this past week I went to a seminar at Cal State East Bay for the nursing program and I am just so excited about starting this journey. I have a lot of friends and family friends to thank for turning me onto the idea, and I can't wait to pursue this. School starts in september!

Just because I am in the works to pursue the most recent goal doesn't mean I have dropped all the others. Well some of them have been completely dropped, like being a dancer :)

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  1. I didn't read this until today. I would have asked you way more questions at dinner. I think you will do awesome at nursing. It takes special kind of people - empathetic people - to do that kind of thing. You'll be amazing!