Sunday, November 1, 2009

weekend end :)

The Regina Spektor concert was so so amazing! I wanted her to play hours and hours more (unfortunately she stopped after 2). It was definitely the best show I've ever been to. I would recommend to anyone to see a show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. If you sit up in the balcony it is a lovely experience because you get to sit (which I love) and you're still very close to the stage. Loved it! The love of my life took the night off work, and I had a much better time with him than I could have had with anyone else. We also went to dinner at Scott's in Oakland on the wharf, a seafood restaurant, fabulous, I recommend it. (I love you Martin p.s.)

Halloween was also very fun. Melissa, Ryan and the boys, Heidi and liz, and John, Carrie and their boys all came over to the house for some pizza and snacks and then we went trick or treating! Holidays are much better when you have toddlers to enjoy them with.

Hope your weekend has been as fabulous as mine!

Happy Monday all :)

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