Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new and exciting things...

I have a few things to boast about, and also a few things to be excited about, and I wanted to share...

First, I'd like to explain that I am a very goal oriented person. I have things I want to achieve, or learn how to do, and I usually do it. Whether it's a new years resolution, or a monthly goal, or lifetime goal, I try to keep working towards it. In the last few months I've decided that instead of waiting for the new year to roll around, and jumpstart my plans then, I would start now.
  • For anyone that is in the ward, or a member of the church even, you know that every year there is a primary program put on by the primary kids, in which there are talks, scriptures, personal thoughts, and lots of songs. Well I've been the pianist in the primary for over a year now (I actually started right before the program last year) and it has been a big deal. I've taught myself how to play over the years with a few lessons back when I was 12 and a month or so of lessons about a year ago. It wasn't until I was asked by Jim and Cindy to play for the primary, that I had really even considered playing in front of people. Because I play every sunday and usually have to practice what I'm going to be playing during the week, the level at which I can play has increased exponentially. Also, the confidence I have when I play is so much higher than in past years (although, it could still use some work). Last year I was way too nervous and not ready, so I had the wonderful Cindy play for me, but this year, I did it!! I played the whole program and let me tell you, it was not that easy. Playing them in the primary throughout the whole year wasn't even enough practice, the last few weeks I was playing through the song list almost every day. Soooooo, that's huge accomplishment #1; playing a whole set of songs (I had actually played for the primary once or twice but just 1 or 2 songs at a time) in front of a 200+ crowd (it was nerve racking for sure). I still plan on improving my piano playing abilities. Martin actually plans to have me play with him on stage sometime!! I don't know if I'll ever do it, but he is pretty adamant about making that goal of his reality. Also, watching Regina Spektor for a few hours made me realize how much I love the piano, so I wouldn't mind making it a more central part of my life.

  • {that's Regina, she's amazing}

  • I made a quilt! With no help, and no directions, and to be honest, no knowledge of quilt making, I made a quilt. I actually made it when I was in high school I think, I was about 18, but I never completely finished it (it still isn't completely finished). But I had planned to give it to someone as a gift, and I just ended up shoving it in a closet and never finishing it. Well I needed a new blanket and so this past week, I took it out of the closet, dusted it off, took out all the pins and put it on my bed. I have a small part that needs to be sewn up still, but for the most part it's done :) I'll show pictures of it soon, which takes me to my next bit of important info.

  • I have a new camera!! (Really, my mom has a new camera, but we're going to share). She's been wanting a nice camera and she finally bought one! A nikon d90 will be arriving in the mail on the 18th, and I am so excited you have no idea. When I started my blog earlier this year I had initially wanted to wait until I had a nice camera because my dream was to put together a collection of my recipes, but with professional looking pictures, not the horrible ones I've been putting up. But I decided to start with what I had. Now I'll be able to take the gorgeous pictures I've been dreaming of! Luckily I have taken a few photo classes in the past, in high school and college, so I already know a little bit of what I'm doing. Food styling will be my new expertise :)

  • {by the end of the month I should be able to show you pictures like this, which is of course, not mine}

  • My Mom and I are going to take a photography class from Nicole Hill in San Francisco, which I am just so darn excited about. She's the photographer that had a recipe contest, which I submitted my Quiche Champignon to. Here's her blog, which is wonderful.

  • Cindy asked me to put together a lunch for a church activity tomorrow, and I am currently planning on about 40 people. Not a huge number, but the fact that I was asked, and by tomorrow afternoon it will be completed, I feel like it's something to be proud of. I'm making a chicken fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms, and a sausage bolognese as my main dishes. A side of candied yams, sauteed green beans, and a pecan cranberry salad, with my favorite pumpkin pie for dessert. Recipes will follow in a few days! (A thanksgiving feel is what I was going for if you couldn't tell).

  • Martin bought a new bed (with a little help from me) so eventually WE'LL have a wonderfully comfortable bed to share. The costco brand tempurpedic (it's amazing).

  • I'm going to teach myself how to sew. I already have a little bit of common sense and know how, but not a lot of skill I guess. Currently I am looking for an affordable sewing machine, maybe even a used one, because I have big plans! As of this month I have been working on a little side project (that will remain a secret for now) but hopefully I will be selling my secret creations to you in no time!! Since I started blogging it has been of goal of mine to be able to create something that I could give and sell to others and I think I found my niche :) I've also been collecting fabrics and clothing items for years with plans to create things on my own, but I've never put in enough time and effort in to, and that's all about the change. Heidi is my partner in crime really. We both have been wanting to sew and just haven't found the time. About a year ago, we both bought fabric and patterns to make dresses and it just didn't happen, but Heidi is working on a quilt, and I just finished mine and those dresses will be next!!

  • {I think I could make a dress like this if I really put my mind to it, isn't it pretty}

  • I'm going to have a Pumpkin Cheesecake giveaway around thanksgiving, so stay tuned!!!!

  • During the month of February I will be taking a trip to Australia!!! I will be telling you much more about that in the future :)

  • Last but not least, I am so in love I can barely contain myself. Everyday I am so thankful I have Martin in my life. And most of the happiness I have and things I achieve is due to the ever so supportive, loving, caring, understanding, helpful, sweetheart of a boyfriend I have. I love you Martin :) (Martin has been very busy himself. The band is playing all over the place this month, so if you'd like to check out a show you can view his schedule here, or just take a look for fun. He's just got the website up and running this week and I am oh so proud of him. Some of the photos and collections of photos are from me. I help when I can.)

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  1. When is this photography class you're going to?? I want to go! :)