Thursday, November 5, 2009

I have a problem...

This has nothing to do with creativity or artistic wonder, or tasty treats, just a little personal "this is what's going on." And an explanation to the lack of posts this week (also, my computer decided it no longer wants to connect to the internet this past month, perfect timing).

In the last few months I have had terrible headaches. At first I wasn't alarmed, because to tell you the truth, I always get headaches. But, they started to feel a little different than normal, and so I googled some of my symptoms. Surprisingly, I searched for "headaches that feel like you have a band of pressure wrapped around" and I was given quite a few results with people that had the same problem. They all seemed to be related to your teeth or jaw. I was actually pretty happy, because I thought, if I have an infection or something along those lines, it means it is fixable. Went to the dentist, no infection, no wisdom tooth impaction, I have TMJ syndrome (or a tmj disorder). Which just means there's something wrong with your jaw. It's not out of alignment, stress on the muscles in your jaw and in your neck can cause jaw popping, and a loss of jaw motion, and lots of other fun stuff. Well I was able to get put on my Mom's dental insurance (thank goodness I'm a student this quarter) and so at least it's not all paid for out of pocket. But it still may take a while to fix things, if things are even fixable.

The love of my life plays in a band, and I've had to limit my time at his shows (which would make my ears ring even before I came across a jaw problem) in hopes to limit my headaches. And it is a little sad, because I love to support him and hear him play at any chance I may get. You can almost count on a swelling pain around my head by the end of the day no matter what I do, and currently pain while eating a bagel. So it's been a little rough.

{Martin sent me this picture last year when he was on tour, I think this picture was taken from coney island, or somewhere east coast, we had only been dating a month or so. Lucky me to have someone fall in love so soon and have no problem showing me or anyone else.}

Thank goodness Martin is the most understanding and patient man, and all my complaining, and sometimes crying, still has yet to phase him. We go to Jamba Juice, and play Scrabble, and just relax, in hopes to keep me feeling better. I love him :) And although I wouldn't let him buy me a new computer, which he tried insisting on, he lets me use his computer, and I managed to have 30 posts last month!! It was a little goal of mine, and even with all the nonsense going on with my head, I still managed to devote time to my little blog.

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  1. I hope the dentist can help you out.