Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my new favorite thing

When I'm having a bad day, or maybe just a hot day, I now have something for the cure.. frozen yogurt!! The trick is, you can't get just any frozen yogurt. Most places sell non fat ice cream and call it frozen yogurt, but its a hoax. You have to try real frozen yogurt, usually a very tart and tangy flavor with fresh fruit toppings!! I don't know who started this new trend, possibly pinkberry, which is a chain around the US but only in pretty ritzy places.
Close by we have Pink Swirl, which is on Mission blvd, almost to Ohlone college, and even closer, and my new personal favorite, Yogurtuille, in the Panera/Chipotle shopping center on Paseo and Mowry. Try it!! I know you'll love it!!

It's so amazing, you go in, usually it's self serve, and it's by weight, so any number or toppings or flavors and it's so so wonderful. Let me know what you think!! Also, at yogurtiulle, it's buy one get one free! Jen and I took advantage of it just the other day.
Happy Wednesday :)

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