Wednesday, April 15, 2009

keep working on that garden!

My little ones are now at week 5, how are yours doing?! I started early, just to let everyone know. I have to take them in if it's raining too hard or if there may be frost during the night, so it's been more like babysitting. But this week is pretty much the okay week to start a garden, because there shouldn't be anymore chance of frost at this point. So, you can plant your little ones right in the ground and not have to deal with the frost and transplanting, etc. So grow a garden, or at least a few plants. Even with no yard it's still possible. Tomato plants are great in planter boxes, or an herb garden! Just this week I fertilized the plants; on most of the little bags of seeds it says when you can fertilize and I just assumed I could do them all at this point. They're all developing quite nicely. I should be planting them in the ground this week. Hopefully my garden buddy and I can get a spot in the yard cleared out. In a few weeks I'm going to plant the same plants over again, so I'll be starting when all of you should be starting!! By spreading out when you plant by a month or two months you're opening up your window of production.
Here are the little ones at 5 weeks...

They were planted in just your typical soil, I water them once a day, and keep them outside where they get as much sun as possible.

This is my garden buddy, although this is what he does most of the day, not much help :)

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  1. im LOVIng the garden! maybe if the weather ever decides to warm up here.. i'll try a little garden of my own.
    will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to do the collage of photos? or get them next to each other?!?!
    p.s. you and the boy are still SO SO cute! i love it!