Saturday, April 18, 2009

21 things I love and miss about Provo Utah...

My lovely sister just left me for the mountains of Utah, and although I don't wish I was moving with her there are plenty of things I miss about living there. Here's my list, and not in any specific order :) (Alot of these pictures are not my own)

BYU Football!! My brother and cousins played on the team, and we had so much fun travelling to all the games.

My Utah Family...

The snow! I love cold snowy weather.

Smart Cookie!!! They have the most amazing cookie selection, you really have no idea. Jana and I used to go there for lunch and dinner sometimes!
All you can eat, and you don't have to get up! They walk around with delicious grilled meats and pineapple, and I'm getting so hungry just thinking about it!

My belmont apartments!!! They were so pretty, I loved living there!

Movies for a dollar!! Can you believe that californians! And on mondays I think it was something crazy like a quarter! Jana (my always buddy in provo) and I would go a few times a week, just because we could.

I don't care what anyone says, beto's was amazing!! Massive breakfast burritos for under 4 dollars, open all night long!! I don't know if you're catching on to my love of food, I'm trying to spread them out so it's not so obvious :)

Natural hot springs! How crazy is that! Sitting in a hot tub (almost) in your suit, with snow all around you, crazy!

The provo canyon is one of the prettiest places I've ever been, no joke.

J Dawgs!! The most amazing polish dogs in the world!! And located right next to smart cookie!! Jana and I had a tough decision on our hands most days at lunch time.

Park City! So close to provo, and an internationally known city! Wonderful restaurants, music venues, and lots more.

Magleby's Fresh's all you can eat french toast!!!! So amazing!

Right down the street from my Belmont apartments, Seven Peaks water park!!! Some of the highest waterslides in the country, no joking.

Salt Lake City is just 45 minutes away!!

There are vending machines all over the byu campus, it was amazing! Jana had meal money that she had to use up every month, so we would make sure to spend our time at the vending machines at least once in a while!! Our favorite, the chocolate milk and crumb doughnuts combo!

You can hike up to the Y, it's pretty fun, although steep.

The view from the top of the mountains is pretty wondrous. I used to drive just a few minutes up the hill from where I lived and this is what you get to see!

I miss Jenna!! She is such an incredible hair stylist and friend! If only I could find someone like that out here!!

Last but not least, my sister. I have been pretty lucky to have her back home this past year, but she's back to school. I love you nunu.

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  1. That was so fun to read! It brought back so many great memories when my hubby and I lived there. Betos is the BEST! Maglebys...well pretty much every food place you mentioned. Thanks for the little reminders :)

  2. Great list! I stumbled on this post while putting together a list of things for my br. in law to do when he goes up to the Y this fall. Do you mind if I use your pics and descriptions if I include the link back to your post?