Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Our garden hit 6 weeks today, and to celebrate earth day we planted outside!! For the last 6 weeks I've been taking care of my plants that I started in small containers. This week really would be the first week that you could plant anything outside, because last week we had a night of frost, so with the frost gone, grow your garden outside!! You don't have to deal with the planters and moving them in and out of sun and all that; plant straight into the ground and watch that garden grow!! Unfortunately Martin's yard was a tad overgrown, and not used to being planted in, so we took a trip to Dale Hardware, bought a few bags of planter soil, and mixed that into our dry and hard dirt we have to work with. We've also had a few days of weeding and shoveling away brush, so today was a great day, finally getting those plants into the ground.

Sweet corn: Plant about six inches apart, we have about 8 plants, we'll plant more in a few weeks
Green beans: Plant about six inches apart, we have about 6 plants, we'll plant more in a few weeks. If you're planting green beans, which I definitely suggest, grow bush green beans if you don't want to build a structure for them to grow on. Ours are pole green beans, so eventually we'll have a wire structure up.
Tomatoes: We have 4 tomato plants (which need a lot more space than corn or green beans, which grow straight up). Give your plants at least a foot of breathing room on each side.
Yellow Squash and Zucchini: We have 3 yellow squash, and 2 zucchini plants, which also need a lot of space around them. You can put the plants close together, but they're going to need a few feet between them and any other plants.

Fertilize your plants once they're a few inches high, about the size of my plants now, so around 6 weeks. Then again in a few weeks. And make sure to water them everyday!!

We're growing a pretty hefty garden, and we're going to have lots of vegetables!! But you don't have to go as full force as we have; planter boxes or just a small strip of your yard would be great if you just have a few plants.

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