Monday, April 27, 2009

the garden...

This is our garden away from home. We usually have a small garden at my parents house, but mostly flowers and the usual yard plants; Martin and I started a vegetable garden at his house; but this is THE garden. This garden is where our chickens roam, our bees used to reside, and where the majority of our yard work is done. Grandpa Beck was a friend of the owner of the land and has had berries and grapes here since I can remember. It has only been in recent years that we have actually gardened here. The vegetables are in the works. We love it. This is my dad's pride and joy.

The berries will come on in late summer (boysenberry pie is so delicious, you have no idea). The grapes are usually in their prime late summer early fall (we make jars and jars of grape juice, delicious, and so good for you).

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