Saturday, October 10, 2009

spend a few hours.. bowling!!

Jennifer is still going to school at Washington even though she graduated this past year, just to occupy her time really. Hopefully by the end of the semester she'll be enrolled in a work program or something different so she's not bored all day. Because we know that she is bored at school all day, Martin and I decided to take her out of school early, and may start making a habit of it, to go do something fun. She chose bowling!! Now I'm horrible at bowling, and not at all consistent, but Jen loves it, so that's what we did. And maybe it's good for the soul to do something you're not good at, it's humbling :) Jen and Martin are pretty good friends, which works out, because I spend an awful lot of time with her. To be honest, they get along better than the two of us, so they usually gang up on me, which means I end up being the butt of most jokes.

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  1. i thought you said you were getting fat? cause you look freaking skinny here.