Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fingers crossed :)

The Champignon Quiche was a recipe I created for a recent contest I entered. On Nicole's blog (she's a photographer in the great city of San Francisco) she had mentioned a project she was working on, photographing a cookbook. Well she then threw out the idea for the contest, where the winner will receive a free trip to Boston (where she has been photographing), a photo shoot of the winning recipe being created, and an invite to the cookbook is finished party! Too cool right?! Well I am very very excited and anxious to see the outcome, so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me!

p.s. The contest was for international recipes, which is why I chose the quiche recipe of mine. Then I switched it up a bit with the mushrooms and gruyere to make it a little more french authentic.

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  1. wooo! i meant to tell you about that contest. hope you win lover buns :)