Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin ideas!

Need any ideas for what to do with your pumpkins? Well look no further!! I found images of some of my favorite pumpkin decorations from jacko-lanterns, to painted images, mod podge, paper mache, and more, I think you can definitely find a few you like. I love the non cut-out pumpkins because they last so much longer. Anything that is cut out will last about a week and a half, but those are of course fun because you can use the seeds for a tasty treat, and you can light them up. Some of the non cut-out ideas can also be used around thanksgiving, or all of autumn. I hope you enjoy, I'm carving my pumpkins today, so now I definitely have some thoughts to work off of. Check out for her templates and how-tos (a lot of these came from Martha), the candlestick, scarecrow, raven, and cat templates can be found here, they're called the Farmer's Field.

{these pictures are unfortunately not my own work, credit can be given to Martha Stewart, Country Living, google search engine, and better homes and gardens}
Don't you love this one with the buttons, and the wizard of oz witch look, some people are just so dang creative!!
Happy almost Halloween!!

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