Saturday, October 10, 2009

on the hunt for a pretty little cake stand

As you all know, I love to make cakes. And even though they always taste great, the presentation could sometimes be a little better. I currently own one glass cake stand, and really I don't know if it's my Mom's or mine, so I might not own any, but I love cake stands!! I love all kinds; ceramic, glass, vintage, single, tiered, candy style, I love them all. But I can't seem to find any affordable ones. Actually I can't even find unaffordable ones. The favorites I've come across are sold in the UK, and not able to be shipped here, which is quite sad for me, but I intend on finding some. This past weekend I went to a few stores to find one for my mom, and I was lucky to find the one I did. Ross, Tjmax, Marshalls, and Target all fell short. Bed bath and beyond had one that looked exactly like the one my Mom has, and another, which is actually a "tart stand" that I ended up getting. It really is a gorgeous stand, and affordable, but like I said, that was all they had. My goal is, by next week to at least have a few prospects. Today, I will search on ebay :) Let me know if any of you could shed some light on my current situation. These are some favorites I've seen else where (and all not for sale).

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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  1. so weird. i was just thinking the other day that i can't wait for my ceramics class next semester so i could make my own cake stand - seriously. so here are my suggestions.

    1. make your own. i know you could

    2. clara french. google her. she designs custom ceramic cake stands. kind of pricey, but if you don't buy any it could at least give you some ideas.

    3. thrift stores/ antique stores/ flea markets? i don't know, maybe :)

  2. Kristin,
    I have a few of the ones in the pictures and so does my mom. She got hers at The Gift Gallery near panera. The green fluted ones. I got the ones I have for my wedding. I know one actually came from costco. It is the bluish one in the second picture. The others came from Macy's and Burdines (a Florida Store.)
    You could borrow mine anytime.