Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun

I thought I would give a brief run down on what we have been up to this summer; pretty much, just having fun. We are both in school in the fall and we are taking advantage of the great weather and all the family we have near by. One of our favorite pass times of the summer has been S'mores night (which we've had a few of). We bulked the campfire and s'mores night with the campout one of the nights, which was a lot of fun. The point of this, other than the fun, was to try out the brand new tent! Another night we had a campfire and then played hide and go seek in the dark out in the park, and when you're with 3 year olds, that is just a whole lot of fun. Martin, Jen, and I have made a few trips out to the beach and the boardwalk. And the pool is of course a favorite stop this summer.
Week after next we will be going on vacation with Martin's family to the Russian river. Martin's grandparents rent out two lovely and large houses right on the river and all the aunts uncles and cousins make it out for the week; where we kayak, canoe, swim, lounge, eat, lounge, eat some more, golf, miniature golf, rock jump, read, watch movies, and occasionally sing :) It is a week we look forward to all year round, we just love it.
This weekend, for Martin's birthday we will be kayaking in the monterey bay (lets hope the sharks all went south for the summer, yikes).
Just a few photos from this summer's fun..

the campout/S'mores night (one of them)

the new tent :) we love deals at R.E.I.

yes, we believe there were complications with Todd at birth

beautiful Heidi and Liz
Ry and Mels family were unfortunately only involved on the non picture night, but we love them just the same:)

yes Jennifer still cannot keep from doing bunny ears in every 1st shot

my favorite little man to lounge by the pool with

the awesome Boardwalk

some of us love rollercoasters :)

My suggestions to have fun with your family this summer...
  • Buy a fire pit, they sell them at walmart and target, and I think they are fabulous! It allows you to have a small contained fire in your own backyard. Make S'mores! Have a campout!

  • Go to your neighborhood pool! Make friends with a family that has a pool!

  • Go to the beach! If you have a beach. (California is just so wonderful, Santa Cruz is our favorite place).

  • BBQ more often. Everyone has one, so get outside and make some hot dogs and hamburgers.

  • Have movie nights! Make popcorn!

  • Go to the drive ins!

  • Have picnics, eat outside!

All in all, I just hope you're having such a great summer.


Kristin Ann :)

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