Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh how I love...

orchids, and all potted plants actually!! I wanted some pretty and green for my bathroom, so I created this little number. I bought 3 mini potted plants (ferns and some other leafy green) and a mini orchid (from trader joes, they're so awesome there), found the perfect size pot at target, and combined them all. Orchids don't actually grow in soil, so, I kept it in the pot it came with (a double pot, so that you can pull the plant out and put it anywhere). The other three plants were taken out of their pots and put in the large one, and then surrounded with soil (that I bought separately). I left a pretty decent size space for the orchid and nestled the pot in place. Now I can pull the orchid out once it loses it's bloom, because it is in a tiny plastic container but the ceramic pot remains with the rest of the plants, and you can just replace it. Orchids are awesome because they can keep their bloom for several months if you keep them in the right environment. They like indirect sunlight, and lots of moisture in the air. Our bathroom is perfect because there is no fan and after every shower it is quite steamy. The shelving unit was found at ross, isn't it great!!
The baby tears (little green leaves growing around the rest) are from my dad's garden, I thought it would be a nice touch. You could also use rock or bark or pete moss to fill over the dirt to make it a little more in house appropriate.


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