Thursday, February 5, 2009

Todd's Toy Story Birthday

A recent trip to Disneyland, inspired my toy story themed birthday cake for todd. With an affordable set of toy story action figures from the disney store, and some star sprinkles, my buttercream cake came to life. I have an 11x15 inch wilton cake pan, that I use to do most cakes of this size. Trim off the edges, used the last few inches for the blocks on top, and I was good to go. This specific cake has apricot filling (apricot jam made by my mom over the summer, which we have more than enough of on hand), and buttercream frosting (this buttercream, because last minute, was made from a box, bought at michael's, and it was oh so easy).

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  1. I love that you started a blog. I will be checking it often. You should put up your recipe for your amazing pasta salad. I made it for my family over Christmas and they all loved it.

  2. too cool, your family is so talented!! i'm going to add you to my blog k, that way i can check often!! can't wait to steal your yummy ideas!! ;) welcome to the blogging world, good to have ya!

  3. photos by jana. thank you very much.