Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I forgot about this cake!! This was actually the first tiered cake that I ever did, I think. On the right, my practice cake, on the left, the actual cake I made for a cousin of Heidi. Also, this was the first time I used fondant, which I don't suggest unless you are only using it for decoration, like this cake. Fondant does not taste good! So why would you want to wrap a whole cake with it! But if you're using it for decoration, it works great. Michael's sells it, and then you can dye it any color you would like; black is pretty tough to do, I don't suggest it :)

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  1. oh my yummy! that cake looks divine! i really think you should open a cake shop like the cupcake shop in san fran! kristins cakes!!! we will for sure be keeping in touch now i know who is who! hope you are having a great week!! ♥

  2. Love the one on the right! Maybe fondant doesn't taste good but it sure looks pretty! And you SHOULD open a cake shop!

  3. Hey Kristin,
    Of course I know who you are. You and Jana are sisters. I've actually always wanted to meet you- I know you play the piano for the primary. Wish you were in my class instead :)
    Love your blog-- didn't know you were so talented, although I shouldn't be surprised since I know Jana is really artistic. Love the cakes!!