Monday, February 9, 2009

my cakes

Some of My Cakes!!

Jen's 18th birthday cake was so much fun! This is the first cake I tried the "angle in" style. Difficult, but still fun! Jack's birthday cake was really pretty basic; just a german chocolate on the bottome tiered with chocolate on the top, and a pirates of the carribean ship, which my lovely sister jana found. Michael's is my main source for buying cake decorating equipment by the way (all the cake rounds and support for a tiered cake).

The football shaped cake was done for a wedding rehearsal for Ryan and Nina. And although it looks quite simple, it was a 13x18 inch cake and served over 60 people, definitely a challenge. The cake felt like it weighed 100 pounds! I used a chocolate buttercream, with a chocolate ganache filling, and I also used a similar chocolate ganache to melt over the top. Looked pretty cool when done.
AND, a good tip for birthdays or any occasion that deserves a cake; when making sure you're going to have enough to serve all your guests, instead of making 2 cakes, make cupcakes!!!

Last but not least, my two favorites!! On the left is a vanilla buttercream with lemon filling (I made this one for my mama's birthday). A made easy tip, I use a lemon pudding mix!! It's delicious! On the right is a chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream, and chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberries really hold up themselves, here and there I use a few toothpicks.

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  1. Your cakes are beautiful and so creative. I love the look of the lemon one! Here's a question for ya...Madisyn is turning one in about a month. Any ideas for a fairly simple, but cute cake for a little princess?