Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Boutique!!

Hey everyone! I will be doing a holiday boutique this Saturday, the 12th from 10-2pm at my friend Ashley's on Horner Way in Fremont. Heidi will be selling her wonderful Premier Jewelry with lots of holiday discounts. Ashley will be selling Arbonne Skincare products along with many wrapped gift baskets. I will be selling some of my floral wall art. Two other vendors will be there selling baby accessories including carseat covers, hairbows and more! We will be providing treats for all who come by! Come check it out and finish your Christmas shopping! There is sure to be something for everyone. While you're there, be sure to sign up for our FREE giveaways!!
Horner way is just off of Peralta just before you get to Shin Park on your way to Mowry. I'll have an exact address soon, but just so you know the location. We'll have signs up and around the day of also. Please come by even if you have no intentions of buying anything. Heidi and Ashley both do home shows giving the host of the party the chance to win a number of free gifts, so you could talk to them about that. And it will just be a fun time, so drop by!!

This is what I'm selling :)

So Mark your calendar!!! December 12th, this Saturday, 10-2

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