Friday, August 28, 2009

I like it hot, I like it spicy!

Just worked up a new salsa recipe, it's delicious!
My boyfriend and I have a garden at his house, overflowing with tomatoes, and my dad's garden has enough tomatoes to feed a whole country, sooooo, I've been working on different recipes. Hope you like tomatoes!!


1 large red onion
4 limes
1 lemon
4 jalapeno peppers
1 bunch of cilantro (2 c.)
5 large tomatoes
½ t. salt

Chop the red onion, preferably in small pieces, place into a large bowl. Add the juice of limes and lemon. Cut the jalapeno peppers in half and with a spoon scoop out the seeds and discard. Chop the peppers as fine as possible, and add them to the mix. The cilantro and tomatoes can then be chopped and added. Add salt and pepper to taste. Keep refrigerated until served.

This makes a pretty decent size bowl of salsa! If you're only making it for your family, cut it in half!

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