Wednesday, July 22, 2009

on our way home..

We finally made our way back home!! The band and I had a wonderful trip, but could not be happier that we're back. Making our way back down the coast was great. We stopped in Portland, had a show at The Buffalo Gap Saloon, which is an amazing restaurant and bar. We went to the Saturday Market in the heart of Portland, which is like an arts and wine festival, very cool.
A friend of Martin's, Julia Dawn, opened the show for them. She is an amazing artist, living in the Portland area.

Then in between shows in Portland and our last in Humboldt, we camped along the Smith River, which I think was my favorite part of the trip. The River is so gorgeous; crystal clear water surrounded by cliffs of rock, we couldn't ask for more. Martin, Daniel and I found some amazing places to jump from, and with the water being so clear and deep, it was surreal.

daniel and I making our way to the top, we managed to go much higher, and then jump, it was frightening

The last show of the trip was a second visit at Six Rivers Brewery, one of our favorite places in california. After the show we decided to drive straight through the night, arriving in Fremont around 7 in the morning. Home sweet home.

some humboldt pictures

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  1. You're comments on my blog make me laugh! You are very right, though. California does have everything. Your trip looks like it was super fun and you look like you had an amazing time. Jealous!