Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a few days in... humboldt!

July 3rd, Martin, the band (Jeremy, Daniel, newest edition Dave) and myself got a late start on the day, left around 3 pm, and started our drive up the coast of beautiful california. Unfortunately got a flat, about 3 hours north in Laytonville. A friend of ours, Ben, who was joining us for the weekend in Humboldt, just happened to be a few minutes behind and stopped to help. Unable to lift the van with our small jack, we managed to use a large rock to prop up the jack giving us enough height. Thank goodness for dave, who knows more about changing tires than the rest of us combined. Still waiting for AAA to get back to us, who initially said that they wouldn't be able to lift the van because of it's large size, we attempted to take the spare off the back of the van. Of course we didn't have any tools, so with a small vice grip, and hand pliers (supplied by our local handyman ben) the boys gave it their best effort. I eventually called back the tow truck guy and talked him in to meeting us out there. I said that we would get the van up but we would need some kind of help in getting off the spare tire. He agreed and eventually came out to help. So he pretty much saved the day. He took off the spare, replaced the bad tire, and pumped up the spare, which somehow had not crossed our mind that we would need to do that. 1 1/2 hours later, we were back on the road. Thank you tow truck driver, ben, and dave, and martin (who found the rock and carried it back to the van). Note: Dan and Jeremy were playing on a nearby tractor. Also, we parked right next to what looked like a dead eagle or turkey (a large bird of some kind) gross...
We camped at Patricks Point, definitely a place worth visiting. The campground is right along the coast and just a short walk away from the beach, and several gorgeous hikes.
6 Rivers Brewery, where they played their show, is in McKineleyville, and just about 15 miles away from our campsite. I came up with the band last year to play up here and it is really an awesome venue. The Restaurant owner, Meredith, makes our trip so worth while. With a free meal (an amazing meal at that) and paying the band, it's a great time. Lucky for us we have a lot of amazing friends who traveled up to see the first show. Hopefully the rest of the trip will continue on just as great!
Pause music at the bottom of the blog to play video!! A song from The 4th of July show!

Now on to Portland Oregon!!

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