Friday, June 11, 2010

My 2 favorite people..

{This picture was taken at an A's game a few weeks ago. Jen had just mentioned that week how much she wanted to go to an A's game, and we were lucky enough to get last minute free tickets from Martin's boss, and so with out any hesitation we surprised her at school and took her out for the rest of the day and went to the A's game! At first I didn't think she was having much fun because it's hard to follow baseball games and I don't know how much she soaks in, but after singing "take me out to the ballgame" she exclaimed that it was "the best day ever." Martin has a way with making things more fun than they really should be, and he does his best work around Jen. We just love her.}

My husband and sister are my 2 favorite people in the whole wide world. And lucky for me, no one can argue or feel bad because they're not one of the top two, because there is just no argument here. My husband and my sister, the two people who I see most.
I have more confidence and love in my life than I have ever had before thanks to my sweetheart. I'm not the absolute easiest to work with day in and day out, this I know. Often times, I let myself become overly stressed and this can just turn me into a different person. The tone and sass that comes out of me is more than I would wish upon anyone and martin takes it in stride and somehow still has the desire to make me feel better. He never quits, and I adore him for that, among a million other reasons. Even though it doesn't seem fair, I feel as if he makes it his daily and weekly goal to keep me happy, and he does a very very good job. For what reason I deserve this, I have no idea, but I am thankful non the less. My heart swells with the thought of how good my husband is to me. I'm a lucky girl :)
Jennifer is the light in my life. I spend every day with her, literally every day. I pick her up from school and most of the time spend the rest of the day with her, with my husband as well (one more reason why I think he's amazing). Jen is my shopping/errand partner, kitchen helper, snuggle buddy, back scratcher, hair brusher, movie companion, and best friend. Unfortunately because I spend so much time in Jen's life I have filled a Mom-type role, and so that's often times how I am treated. And although it would be great to be loved the way she loves new members of the family (new sister-in-laws, or cousin-in-laws) I still know that she loves me, and in a way different from all the rest. She asks me to sleep over every night, which lately has been sad for me to turn down (since I got married), but it means a lot to me that she still wants me with her. Even though I make her straighten her room, and help do dishes, and brush her hair and teeth more than she would like to, and change her clothes when I don't think she matches, she still loves me. Growing up Jen always slept by me. I sleep like a rock and so her moving and kicking doesn't wake me up, and even when we were in different rooms and all the boys were gone so we all had our own space, Jen would still sleep in my room by me. We call her the heater because she keeps you so warm at night, and during the winter at our house, that is a wonderful thing. I miss sleeping by her, but I love that I see her every day. I love that Martin is now best friends with Jennifer and would do just about anything for her. Hopefully one day she'll get to live with us when we have our own house, and we won't ever have to go too many days with out having her in our life.

{This late night ramble is due to the fact that my husband is at work, and I miss him dearly, Jen fell asleep early while I was over, so I went to my own home earlier than normal, and my poor head is just having major issues tonight; the tmj/neck/face/head problems are on and off, but tonight, very very on, it's horrible, and I can't sleep. My late night ramblings don't have much purpose, except maybe to make more aware the special things in our life. I try very hard not to forget, even after a long frustrating or uneventful day, I try to let my husband and sister know how much I love them}

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  1. Kristin, I didn't know you had problems with TMJ. Jason does too. His seems to be getting worse & I'm worried about it. I don't think he grinds his teeth at night (I'm a light sleeper, but sister, Jen, did grind her teeth, so I might be used to it after hearing it every night for 12 years). I've been thinking that maybe I should ask our dentist for a referral to an orthodontist so that we can see if we can do anything to correct his bite. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about that.

  2. katie.. I've gone to the dentist several times and they suggested going to an ortho to have a stint made, something like a mouthgaurd, for clenching or grinding teeth at night, I have done that yet, because I just don't think that I do. It was really bad for a few months, it hurt to eat and I had constant headaches, but the pain has moved around. It has gotten better sense going to a chiropractor regularly, but I think that not going would be about the same thing. It's more of a neck and head pain now then in my jaw. But I have read that some people have instant and amazing results with night gaurds, so maybe try it out..
    Kristin :)