Friday, May 21, 2010

My new fav

This adorable little sweater!!

The love of my life took me on a little shopping spree for my birthday (I don't normally do a lot of shopping on my own, because I'm trying to cut back on spending) and it was such a treat!!! Normally I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, but we went to my favorite outdoor shopping center in Palo Alto, and he talked me into buying a few items I normally would not. Like this adorable sweater from Banana Republic.

Thanks for a great day sweetheart :)

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  1. I love this sweater. It's so cute!

    I was wondering, where did you get your dress from that you wore on your wedding day. It is very pretty!

  2. Anthropologie!! It's a great store. I haven't shopped there much because of the price, it's a little more than I would spend on day to day clothes, but if you're into a kind of vintage indie style, they're great :)