Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm inspired..

Can you believe that with my love of cooking, and blogs, AND Julia Child that I just now watched the movie Julie and Julia!? Well I just can't believe it, because it was amazing, and heartfelt, and wonderful in just so many ways. In my defense I don't watch a lot of tv, so I had not actually seen a preview of the movie and had close to now idea what it was about. Usually, I do not enjoy movies with a lot of "fluff" and I felt like that's what I would be watching, but I was so wrong. It was a real story of how Julia Child came to be THE Julia Child. I thought it was beautiful and awe inspiring.
Lucky for me, Jennifer picked the movie and I didn't feel as if there were any better choices at the good old red box.
Thank you red box, thank you Julie Powell, and thank you Julia Child

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  1. It's such a happy movie. I just love it.

  2. this movie inspired me so much!

  3. you know - i just watched this the other day, and i thought of you through the whole movie! i thought 'i can see kristin doing this!...and martin being her #1 support! - and she'd look just as cute doing it too. but she'd probably never burn the beef bourguignon!' yep! loved the movie, too!