Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Wedding Announcement!!

Yes, I'm very happily married, which is why I have been away from blogging this month!! I finally got all of our family/friend addresses together (well almost all) and got our announcements sent out this week!! So I hope you received yours!


Just wanted to send our happy news your way!
We will still be living in Fremont,
but our permanent mailing address is..

P.O. Box 8162
Fremont, Ca 94537

So keep in touch
and have a wonderful 2010!

Kristin and Martin Murray

If I missed you, please email me your address. I had my mom and Martin's mom get a bunch for me, and Cindy helped a whole heck of a lot, (thank you very much ladies) but I know there are plenty missing. My email is if you want to get your address to me, at least for future reference. We've been moving most of the month it feels like (mainly I have been moving) but it's coming along.

Bridal shower plans are in the works, so keep a look out for the invites!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the announcement! Your blog is so lovely and I am so incredibly happy for you. It was great seeing you a church...sorry for calling you Jana. I smacked my head five minutes later and said, "Why did I call Kristin 'Jana'?" Oh, yeah, because I'm a moron...