Saturday, January 9, 2010

the stars aligned...

I know some of you may feel that we rushed things, or had ulterior motives (like pregnancy) but the truth of the matter is we and are so in love it just made sense. In the past few weeks I've been thinking about all the little things that just sort of worked out perfectly, leading the way for us to get married. We love just about everything about each other, and could not be happier. So, to make things read easier, I'll put it in list form.

The little things..

  • I have always wanted a very small group of people at my wedding. My sister and even brothers have planned and talked about weddings since before I can even remember, and some have just always known what they wanted. I never really had anything set. But I know that I often find myself much more shy in front of large groups, and I just have thought that a wedding should be a more intimate affair.

  • Members of my church tend to get married young and fast, and I've known that for me, this would probably not be the case. For more than just the fear of scaring him off, I never talked much about getting married. The future was spoken of (hopes and dreams and crazy ideas) but that's where I stopped it. Martin initiated the husband and wife talk. I really never knew how serious he was about it until we literally picked a day. Although I always knew how much he loved me, and how he wanted to be with me forever, so there just wasn't much of a worry there for me. I knew that if it was meant to be, he would need to be the one to make it happen, and he did.

  • I have never needed a diamond ring to know that I am loved. I'll admit there are engagement rings that are just so beautiful any girl would love to have one, but for me, it has never been necessary. I think this was crucial for Martin and I, because getting married wasn't something that had to be saved for, or well planned out. (Like him finding out what ring I like, my size, and then buying it, and proposing). Since the beginning I think we just knew. And I had told him, when the issue was brought up. I didn't need a ring, or an official proposal. The thought of just knowing you're meant for each other and knowing that you both feel the same way was how we decided to get married. (We both have beautiful white gold bands.)

  • In order to be married I didn't feel any major life changes needed to occur. I was more than happy to move in with Martin and his friends that he already lives with. I would live on a boat (he's thrown this idea out) or in another country, or in a loft, or an apartment, or with family, whatever worked for us. So when he started throwing out the big "M" word, the only thing we really had to think about was, is this really what we want, and how soon.

  • A big expensive honeymoon wasn't on the must list for me either. Just being married and moving in together was going to be such a thrill for me that I didn't need much else. Lucky for me, we already had a trip in the works to Australia, so when we picked our date (01/02/2010) I said perfect, Australia can be like our honeymoon. Which we couldn't be anymore excited for. (We'll be gone most of the month of April).

  • When the thoughts of marriage were floating around, I had no idea what martin had in mind (but he definitely had something in mind). I like cold weather, and winter, and fall, and I would be happy to be married at any time of year. When Martin was asking on a regular basis, wanna get married today? (joking or not, I didn't always know) I was ready at any moment. He thought 2010 was a cool year (easy to remember the anniversary) and I threw out the date. I knew the 2nd was a Saturday because Heidi wanted her baby shower on the first Saturday, and much to our surprise, the date is a palindrome. Whether or not Martin was originally 100 percent serious, he loved the date, and we just knew it was going to be perfect.

  • At the time of planning, Martin had Saturdays off work, so it was an easy yes. And other than a few quirks with the planning of my family, everyone was going to be in town.

  • Daniel had let us know a few months before that he would be moving out on the 1st of January (he happened to have the biggest room in the house) therefore, his room would be available for us, just after our wedding day. Note: this room is quite large and has a huge closet. So we never had to worry about whether or not I could fit, even though I have a lot of stuff, we knew it wasn't going to be a problem. Also, he lives in Fremont, pretty much perfectly placed between our families' houses.

  • A few years ago Martin put his name on a few affordable housing lists and we assumed his name would be getting closer to the top, which it is. So even though we are more than happy where we are, we have options that will be soon in the mix.

I know there are probably quite a few more little and big things that made everything perfect, but this is the bulk of how our quickly planned marriage came to be. We're coming on two weeks being married, and even though we've both had a cold, we couldn't be happier. Still working on moving in, and everything is honestly better than perfect.

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