Thursday, May 7, 2009

spend a week over in... new york!

last summer I took a trip to New York
I went with a group of friends
there we met up with Martin and Daniel
(they were on tour)
Martin told me he loved me the second he saw me
(for the first time)
the group went as a surprise
and it was a surprise
the next morning we watched the sunrise
(Martin and I)
under the trees in central park
from that moment on,
we have been inseparable
and in love :)

here are some photos...
If you ever go, make sure you take the double decker tour bus around town, that was the best way to see everything you could possibly want to see; also the hudson river boat tour, where you go around the statue of liberty, pretty awesome.

the night we flew in...I have some great friends by the way

the natural museum of science (or something like that)

the view from central park was amazing, we stayed at a hostel just across the street

times square in new york at night is amazing, so many lights, and still so much to do, it really is the city that never sleeps

where John Lennon was killed (I love the beatles by the way)

St. Patrick's Cathedral (the biggest in the U.S.) and the museum of modern art

coffee shop show in the heart of greenwich village and my good friend donna

carnegie hall (carnegie deli was one of my favorite stops) and of course broadway! Martin and I went to Marry Poppins, the whole group saw Stomp!, and I went by myself to see Chicago!!

have you ever seen a more majestic skyline

scenic view from the hudson river tour, and of course the statue of liberty

4th of july fireworks!!

I couldn't have asked for a better week :)

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  1. looks like your trip was awesome! i love new york too. david and i went there on our honeymoon and we had a blast! i want to go back sometime soon...i hope :)