Thursday, January 13, 2011

i am baker

So I know that I haven't been baking much, it's sad for me too. But, I still have some yummy things to share with you. This is a blog I found through foodgawker I believe, and I just love it! The site is called "i am baker" and it's fabulous. She makes the most amazing sugar cookie designs ever, and of course, amazing cakes as well! Check her out, book mark her, visit on holidays.. all that. Enjoy :)

Too cute, huh?? Well I hope everyone has a wonderful thursday! There's a 3 day weekend coming up!!

with love,
kristin ann

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  1. oh my goodness! i just spent WAY too much time on 'i am baker'. cute cute cute cute cute! thx for sharing!

  2. That IS cute! I need to take time to look at that site. Have a great end of the weekend!

  3. Thanks for the tips Kristin! I hadn't heard of either, but I will definitely look into the tea when I go to the store! Hope you are feeling great! PS...You guys need to come and visit sometime!!