Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gettin crafty with... wreaths :)

So, I would say it's obvious that I tend to be a crafty person by nature, blame my parents, and it's as if I can't stop. I would like to share my fun and easy craft projects with you, so here's the first.. my wreaths!! For a few years I have saved all flowers given to me and dried them. Not all people love the look of dried flowers, but I really do love them. In one wreath I used all my dried rose bouquets, and sprigs of eucalyptus. In the other I used the two leis I was given on my graduation, accompanied by sprigs of lavender. From Micheal's I bought plan wire wreaths, assembled the flowers, and used a very pliable wire, which is usually sold along side the wreaths, to keep in place.

Don't you love them! So easy!

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