Saturday, March 31, 2012

broken promise

I know I said I was going to keep up with blogging, and I didn't :( You can blame school (full-time student over here), or the babe who didn't want to sleep more than an hour or two in the evening, from months 4-6, or my love for my husband (I just can't get enough of him), or the fact that my mother has become a photographer (I used to borrow her camera, but it's always in use now), but either way, it will get better! Also, I promised myself that this was never going to be much of a "personal" blog, sorry to disappoint if you were hoping to see every little update of my cute little family (I use facebook if you're family/friend), but I started this blog as just an easy way to post my recipes (websites are way too hard for me). Because she is every minute of every day for me, of course I'll share things here and there, but I am going to try and keep it to my original intent of recipes, trips, recommendations, and so forth. Most of my recipes are on other sites so I have a majority of viewers from unknown sources, which I love that I can share my love of cooking with so many people from so many places, but that's my reason for keeping the personal details to a minimum! Enjoy the blog.. keep your fingers crossed for me that my next quarter of school goes easier than this past one! I'm on spring break right now, and oh it is so so sweet :)

{5 months}

{6 months}

isn't she sooooo cute!!??

This little one is crawling already! And I swear she's going to start walking soon! She pulls herself up on everything (causing her parents to be ever so nervous that she's going to take a tumble) but we are so proud! She is a smart little thing, and works for what she wants. Before we know it, she's going to be driving and traveling the world at the age of 2. I would tell her to slow down, but we love it! This girl knows what she wants ;)

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